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    PRE 11 Burn To Folder


      I just started using PRE 11.  My last Adobe experience was PRE 4.  I just finished a project and decided to burn to folder, both for AVCHD and DVD since not all of my family can handle AVCHD.  The AVCHD burn went fine.  I just burned the BDMV folder to a DVD and it played fine on my blu-ray player.  Then. as I have always done for years, to make the DVD, I burned  the video_ts folder to the DVD.  That would not play.  So then I burned the openDVD and the video_ts folders to the DVD and that wouldn't play either.  I then burned directly to the disk, instead of the folder and that played fine.  I could copy that DVD, and I also made an image file of it and made more copies.  So, what did I do wrong with the folder approach?