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    Pixellated motion blur and DOF in Ae CS6 w/Ray Tracing on

    Tim Dougherty

      Both motion blur and DOF are not rendering correctly in Ae CS6. Instead of rendering a nice soft blur, the blur area looks pixellated.  Classic 3D looks fine.  This happens both in RAM preview and in rendered files.  This image shows RT set to a quality of 3, but even at 20 the blur area looks noisy.  Resolution set to full, layer quality is at full also:


      Should I just expect that the blur will never be fully 'blurry'?  Thanks in advance!


      Ae v. (current version)

      i7 920 2.67gHz

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 570HD, 1280 MB, v.314.22 (current version)

      DirectX v 11.1

      Vista Ultimate SP 2

      18g RAM