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      WebDAV support in Contribute CS3 is not ready for prime time. I've tried to connect to the following WebDAV servers without success:
      SiteStudio/Stellent CMS (Oracle)

      Microsoft SharePoint Services 3.0 (aka SharePoint 2007)

      MSN Hotmail user folders

      The WebDAV working group's own test server (test.webdav.org)

      Contribute CS3 could not connect to any of these servers. When I traced the connections, I found that most often Contribute failed to handle HTTP 401 and 302 responses from the WebDAV server. It simply gave up after receiving these responses.

      If Contribute was ever tested successfully against a WebDAV server, I couldn't find any mention of on the Adobe website.

      Also, if you do a search of this forum for WebDAV, you'll find a few questions posted, but no useful responses.

      I've sunk about 5 hours of wasted investigation on this product - I hope this post saves 5 hours of someone else's time.