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    Green screen compositing, why does red specs appear on my finish composition


      Hi, I am compositing some green screen scenes. When fininshed, I render them into Quicktime .mov's (using Avid DNXHD codec). When I play them back on my computer, they look fine. But I tested them on a fairly new 52" LCD television, and saw little red spots appear in certain places. Why would these red spots appear on certain televisions, and not on others, likewise, why would I not see them on my monitor?


      Some info about the shots,

      It is a green screen background shot, which had blue trackers, shot in 1280x720p.  The backgrounds are 8 bit compositions created in a program called blender. The  editing and compositing was done within After Effects CS6


      Any help about the mystery of the red specks, maybe hotspots, would be appreciated.