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    Text (Notepad) files can be stored in Pr Project

    Steven L. Gotz Level 5

      OK, maybe everyone knew this except me, but I find it pretty interesting, so I figured I had better share it.


      I accidentally brought a text file over to Premiere Pro CS6 when I copied an entire directory of m2t files and mp3 files into the Project Panel. I just dragged and dropped as usual and then I saw that I had not exluded the Notepad file. For the benefit of you Mac users, Notepad is the program PC users use for plain ASCII text. Not formatting, just text.


      I never knew I could even do that so I set about figuring out what good it would do to have the file in the bin. I couldn't put it in the Source panel or on the timeline. I finally doubleclicked on it and saw that the Notepad program came up with the text in it.


      I can see huge advantages to leaving myself notes that way. Imagine files explaining why I took each shot, or what I planned to eventually do with it.


      So tell me. Is this new? Has it always been there and I never knew it? I am just curious. Have I really been oblivious to this handy little piece of information or is it new and I just haven't run across it until now?


      -- Steven