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    Decent Quality Render Settings Small Size?

    abUSER23 Level 1

      Can someone please help me with render settings in AE? I have a sequence in AE and it is about 80min... now I need to take it into Prem for more editing. I have tried dragging the clip in directly but for some reason the audio doesn't scrub and often it seams to crash.. like the app goes white.. if I leave it is actives after thinking.. but it is not really usable.


      So I have been trying to render it.. but the resulting file is 100gb. I used lagarith codec and set it to RGB and it imported fine into prem for editing.. but I was wondering if anyone know any settings I could use to get the file way smaller.. I do not mind a little quality loss.. but I do want the file to work in prem fine so i can scrub and edit and stuff

      I do video tutorial on application use.