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    Best practice to verifing digitally signed PDF (signed using localley generated ceritificates)

    Yasser (AST-IT) Level 1



      I have signed a PDF using a locally created Microsoft Digital Certificate inside my organization.


      As part of the approval workflow, I emailed the signed PDF document to another person in my organization (within the same network) for review and final acceptance.


      The issue I'm facing is that when the other person opens the PDF, my signature status will show as not verified. Even though, I have created it while I'm connected on the network.


      What are the steps that the other person need to follow so (s)he can verify locally generate digitally signed PDF either manually or in an automated manner?


      Is there a server-side tools provided by Microsoft to do the verification automatically? Or, I have to do it manually? Any 3rd party plugins you recommend to ease this verification process?


      Appreciate your help,