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    Help with avi dates and extra catalog folder

    chucktheweevil Level 1

      I fianally got the restore  completed (thanks for all the help!) I had to do some major res-shuffling with my file structure as  it had buried my real photos 10 layers deep.


      So even though I think PE has jumped the shark with this revamping, I will stay the course and see how it works. I have two questions though:


      I have 2000 mpegs and avi'sthat were perfectly tagged and dated in PE9. In the conversion to PE11, ALL of the mpegs now have the imported date (3/29/13) as the date. It screws with order of my timeline, and I have lost all reference to the actual dates of those memories. How can I fix or repair?


      2nd question is: During the restore, PE11 added a folder called My pictures52 (my catalog) to the pictures directory. It contains CAXMP files and A Breeze Data folder, along with other stuff. I'd like to just delete this as my folder structure is restored and mapped to my folders. However, when I delete, my catalog goes away. Any way to fix this? Not sure why its still there, it seems reducndant and didnt have it on my earlier PC


      All my thanks, god bless and have a Happy Easter