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    Why can I not edit my clips into timeline?

    abasil Level 1

      Hi. Imported mxf files (shot on Canon C300) into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. After importing I got a failure message that format was not supported. Was not sure if that message was referred to all clips or some clips. I could open clips in the preview monitor and therefore ignored the failure message; when I wanted to start editing into the timeline, however, I wasn't able to do so; not by dragging, comma, period, or any of the edit icon buttons. I am new to Premiere and have no clue what's going on. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find an Adobe support line on their website either. Can anyone help? Files play fine on the preview monitor; had some trouble with sound though - as if it needed to buffer first in order to play with the video. If I played before it 'buffered' it wouldonly play video without audio. Would very much appreciate if anyone could give advice. Thank you. Baz