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    still need help :( loading outside files in actionscript

    drnen Level 1
      Ive been all over the forums online trying to get this problem fixed and no one has really settled it for me (its been MONTHS)
      So I'm going to attempt to be as in depth as possible and post code as well.
      Heres the deal- its a portfolio site, www,darrenlasso.com
      The problem is when i load multiple swf files into levels. When i first call on an outside swf from a button inside the main file the code looks something like this:

      loadMovieNum("cover.swf", 1);
      cvrbtn._visible = false
      acibtn._visible = false


      When from inside THAT file, I want to return back to the MAIN navigation file, the code looks more like this:



      mclListener.onLoadInit = function(mc:MovieClip){

      mcl.loadClip("darnen.swf", 1);

      Ive messed around with the code so many times now trying everyones different suggestions that i dont even know if that is the code I have live right now but i know its not working how i want it to. The problem seems to be that i can only load into level 1, and when i do that, going between these various calls on outside files there is a 'flicker' of a frame or two of the OLD previously loaded file that will play BEFORE the new one initiates. As this is a portfolio site it needs to be polished so i can't have stuff like this plaguing it. Its been unfinished for months now because i just can't figure it out. Please please help me if you can.. hopefully you like a challenge because i just havent been able to get the help i need from anywhere else :/