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    Novice requires help.

      K I am a complete novice when it comes to flash and really need some help on probably the most basic of errors. I have followed various deifferent methods found on various posts and forums but none have solved this issue. I have created a basic animation with a front page then wish upon the button click the next part of the animation to load and bring up the menu for the rest of the site. However it either plays the animations straight through or it doesn't play at all.

      I have uploaded the fla file here


      Please could somebody take a look and show me where I'm making the obviously stupid mistake.

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          ggshow Level 2
          never convert a button instance to button!

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            DaveC271 Level 1
            Thanks for that ..so rather than it being Drop Shadow 3 as a button should it be a movie clip?
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              as with any kind of script, action, or code you need to determine EVERY step of the sequence.

              let me assume that you want to:-
              display the main rectangle,
              then animate it to the left hand side of the screen,
              then (in response to a mouse click) for the menu to appear,
              then (in response to another mouse click) respond to a selected menu item.

              IF the above describes what you wish to achieve in your clip then 'all you have to do' is 'convert' that above description into actionscript code - yea, for a newbie possibly easier said than done.

              So the graphics is how you want it to look (nice), the tweening animation is how you want the graphics to behave, now all you have to do is define/control the interactions (between user and Flash) with actionscipt, and there's the rub.

              Because you've got some nice graphic elements into Flash and you've managed to animate them I think you're assuming Flash then knows what you want to occur and when you want it to occur BUT that ain't so; YOU have to tell Flash what, where, when through your actionscript code.

              Spend some time tinkering just with buttons then with buttons and simple scripts incorporating OnMouseDown/OnMouseUp etc. AND THEN pick up your app and try to sort it, I think you'll be closer to achieving your intended purpose and more knowledgeable about Flash and what you're getting into.

              I reckon no-one's going to sit down and code that app for you, that's down to you, BUT if you need to sort out a wrinkle in a piece of code then we're here.

              happy coding, have fun.
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                very good, study for u!
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                  ggshow Level 2
                  if you just want to create a drop shadow for your button, you can make it in your mainbutton button symbol, just add a new layer in your mainbutton.
                  "Drop Shadow 3" & "effectSymbol1" are both not required.