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    I cannot export a trimmed project using project manager

    CaroVideo Level 1



      I need to export a trimmed project so I can move it to another computer to add titles in After Effects. The client has also requested a trimmed copy of the project.


      The problem is that Premiere Pro keeps crashing. This has happened about a dozen times in a row. Can someone suggest how to start trouble shooting this?


      When I started out trying to export, I didn't realize that I was still running CS6 6.0. I have since updated to the latest version, but no luck. I also installed an update to Pro Apps. There is one missing file in the project, but I just hit skip when Premiere Pro looks for it on launch. Surely this isn't causing all the crashes?


      I'm running an older Mac Pro Tower, with OS 10.6.8. I've got 8Gb of RAM. The graphics card is ATY,RadeonX1900.


      Thanks for any help.