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    Old B&W Photo


      Hi All


      I have Elements 8.  The issue is an old B&W photo in which the dark elements have become shiny.  I'm guesing its an issue with the silver, but I don't know what the issue is called.  Since I can't put a name to the problem I can't really search for a solution.  Can anyone Help?  I'd really like to clean up the picture as it's the earliest picture I have of my mom.



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          hatstead MVP

          Please post the picture so that we can help appropriately. You can do that via the camera icon at the top of the reply box.

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            George_M7 Community Member

            I have a 1.57 Meg version ready to insert, but nothing happens when I try to insert it.



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              George_M7 Community Member

              Mrs. Mathis 02.jpg

              I guess I was not patient enough :>{{



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                hatstead MVP



                I worked on this picture late yesterday, then started over again this morning.

                Your Mom's hair over the forehead remains ok. So I used the lasso tool to select a patch, placed the patch on its own layer (CTRL+J).

                With the move tool, I positioned  the patch over the top. I ended up duplicating the patch layer 7 times and placing each one to cover the defective area.

                I needed to clone over two small areas.

                I painted the right sleeve

                With the sharpen tool I sharpened her eyes, nose and lips selectively. I did not want to sharpen the entire picture, as that would destroy the soft look.

                As I look it over now, there remains a small blemish over the right collar. This can be corrected with painting.

                Perhaps you can scan this picture to better advantage, as the resolution is low



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                  hatstead MVP

                  Additional work



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                    Mark Sand Community Member

                    I first converted the picture to B&W, then cloned over that streak in her hair with adjacent good hair. Also lightened the picture slightly and cloned away some speckles throughout the picture.




                    Since it is an older picture I thought it might look nice with an antique sepia look.



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                      George_M7 Community Member

                      Thank you.  I'll try it once I return home.  I thought this was a 4800 dpi scan, but I guess I'm wrong :>{{


                      Any idea what happened to the picture over the years and what the issue might be called?  I have other pics with the same problem.




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                        George_M7 Community Member



                        Interesting -- I thought this was a B&W original.  I did not do the original scan as I'm out of town for a while.  The sepia is interesting.


                        Thanks so much


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                          hatstead MVP

                          I don't know what it's called. I have seen this on physical pictures that were stored in albums that are not "acid free>archival."

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                            George_M7 Community Member

                            Well, perhaps that's a clue.  I'm sure no one knew about acid free back in the day these pictures were stored.