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    unable to loop composition




      i'm trying to loop my composition (72 frames) containing a moving object (a walking chicken, refer to printscreen)


      i followed tutorial here http://wikis.evergreen.edu/computing/index.php/Looping_a_Composition_-_After_Effects


      In short, i applied Layer > Time > Enable Time Remapping to my newly created Comp 2. Two key frames were created. I moved to the last frame, and then 1 keyframe backwards and created a new keyframe. Then on the very last keyframe i set the time to 0 and then deleted the penultimate frame (which i had just created). And then added Property > LoopOut(Type="Cycle", numKeyframes = 0)  to the layer i want to loop.


      however, after applying LoopOut expression, i am no longer able to playback - when i pres Play to preview, the chicken stands still (meanwhile time indicator is moving continuously, indicating that playback is in action).


      Thinking that i deleted wrong keyframe, i undid all changes and repeated all steps again but this time i deleted the very last frame and left the penultimate frame (and setting time to 0 ). It did not have any effect - chicken does not move, time indicator is moving/looping in the timeline.




      thank you in advance


      using AE CS6 trial version, windows 7



      ae vista.jpg