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    PE-11 Rolling Text Question

    Intrepid17 Newcomer

      In PE-11, I am trying to adapt Steve's Cool Trick #48 from his "Cool Tricks & Hot Tips" book for an HD (1920x1080) project where the text appears in the middle of the screen and then rolls down wide to bottom of the screen. I am having a hard time recomputing the corner pin properties for the HD screen where the text scrolls down (not up) and does not get inverted. What should the corner pin properties be for the UR, UL, LR, and LL?


      I forgot to say that Cool Trick #48 is the "Star Wars" style rolling title that starts wide at the bottom of the screen and then scrolls up and "disappears in the distance" in the upper-third of the screen.


      Thank you in advance.  ---- Howard

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          Steve Grisetti Mythic

          You're getting inverted text? You mean upside-down? That shouldn't happen.


          When you say HD, I'm assuming you mean 1920x1080 HD. (There are also 1440x1080 and HD Lite 1280x720.) If so, the Corner Pin settings of UL 850 400, UR 1070 400, LL -2000 1500 and LR 3920 1500 will work.


          If what you're saying is that you're trying to get the text to roll down instead of up, that's something you can't do using the Roll/Crawl feature. In fact, it would be very difficult to do at all, as sort of a reverse Star Wars effect. Besides, your audience will be reading from the bottom of the paragraph up!

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            Intrepid17 Newcomer

            Hi Steve - thank you for the reply. I am using HD 1920x1080. The effect that I am trying to create is text appearing (small) in the middle of the screen and then rolling out to wide to the bottom of the screen so that it appears as if you are flying over the text as if it is appearing in the distance and rolling to you (somewhat like the star gate effect in the movie "2001" when Dave goes through the monolith and text and math symbols are scrolling by him). Is there a trick to make the text scroll in that fashion?


            The text will be a series of one-liners with blank space between each of the lines, it will not be paragraphs. The reader will not get dyslexia while viewing the video


            BTW - I use both of your PE books - Guide and Cool Tricks - they are very useful.



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              Steve Grisetti Mythic

              Thanks for the kind words about the books, Howard!


              Although I'm sorry that I don't have a solution for you. What you want to do would be very simple with a program like After Effects. I just don't know how to do it with a program like Premiere Elements. Sorry.