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    Linked AE file problems!


      Ok I have deadlines to meet and I can't stand having these pointless problems. So at school I work on a Mac (I'm sure if this from Mac and PC matters) and when I get home I work on my PC. I work at school no problems linking the after effects files. I right click on my footage and I create a after effects comp. I bring it home and open it up on my PC its asking me to link my video footage, easy enough I get it linked pretty easily. When it comes to my after effects comps I try to click on them when it asks me to link them but when I click nothing happens. I try to drag and drop the files into premiere a window comes up "file import failure" then where the link is going and "The file importer reported a generic error". As a by the way all of the files are on an external hard drive I take to and from class everyday if that helps in anyway.


      If it also helps when I have my Premiere project open and I start up afterr effects, it runs very slowly and things get a littlw e wonky, I have no idea whats going on with my computer, after effects or preimere or anything so help is much appreciated.


      So thank you  in advance for your help and I hope to hear from anyone who can help me, Cheers!