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    dynamiclinkmanager.exe error - Solution! (Windows only)

    David Winder



      After days of headscratching this issue and scouring the web for answers I was coming up short.  Tried everything from making sure everything was enabled in the firewall, reinstalling and various other things people suggested to try but nothing was working.


      So here was my issue, every time I fired up After Effects CS6 when the splash screen was loading Mediacore, it crashed with the infamous dynamicklinkmanager.exe error.   I am on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.  Weather this solution works in 32-bit I do not know.  But this has fixed the issue on my laptop and main PC.  The only difference between the two is that the laptop is Win7 Home Premium and my main PC is Windows 7 Ultimate.


      I came across a post buried in the internet where someone had suggested to remove codecs that may be stopping AE from starting.  At this point I was willing to try anything.

      First thing I needed was to have a list of my codecs so I could see where I was at.   I found a program to do that and it seems there were many.  It seemed like this was going to be a mammoth job.

      So, then I thought, what if I could enable/disable codecs at will instead of removing them.  I Googled and found a program called InstalledCodec (v1.25) from Nirsoft.   Link here ->  http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/installed_codec.html


      Grab this gem of a program now!


      Unzip it to your desktop and run as Administrator.


      I tried disabling all not DirectShow codecs first, then when that didn't work I disabled all the Directshow ones after re-enabling the previous.  Nothing.


      Then, I stumbled upon it...  in the Options there is an 'x64 mode' which I selected.  And the program re-listed all my codecs.  This time some were highlighted in orange.   (Maybe for 32-bit users you will already get this from the outset as I reckong x64 mode may not work for you).

      I found that all the highlighted codecs (5 of them in my case) had a reported 0 file length.

      Well, I had 0 file length codecs before I enabled x64 bit mode and I had disabled those to no effect.  But I noticed that now in 64-bit mode some of the 0 length codecs had file lengths in 32-bit mode.   Hmmmm.


      Anyway, I multi-selected all the highlighted codecs and disabled them.


      Fired up AE and bingo !  I was in !     YES !!

      OK breathe...  now which codec was it ?    Well this is where it starts to get funny.  Because my intention was to re-enable all the 5 disabled codecs I had and them disable them 1 by 1 until AE crashed again.   So I re-enabled all 5 and fired up AE.   AE fired up perfectly.   Whaa???  

      Fluke maybe ?   I quit InstalledCodec, ran AE a few more times and all was well. 


      Went to my main PC and did the same procedure.  AE now working on that computer too.    So.. don't ask me to explain it, or if AE will fall over on the next reboot or what, but all I know is I have 2 working AE CS6's on both my computers.


      If this solution works for anyone else then I'm only too happy to have helped out because it was starting to frustrate me big-time.

      Let me know if it works for you.    

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          Awesome! Thank you so much for troubleshooting this... I just had the same problem on Windows 7 x64 while trying to install Photoshop CC from Adobe's new "Creative Cloud". It got about 40% through the install then needed me to close "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom" and "dynamiclinkmanager.exe", then select "retry" to continue the install. Sure enough, there was no "dynamiclinkmanager.exe" anywhere in my Task Manager process list as the Adobe Support page would like you to believe.



          I downloaded the "InstalledCodec" program as you suggested above, ran it and sorted the "File Size" column to look for zero byte codecs. I found three (type: DirectShow Filter) installed on my system and disabled them: Line 21 Decoder, Overlay Mixer, Overlay Mixer2


          Then I clicked "retry" in the Creative Cloud application, and the installation continued!