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    Workflow for deleting extra footage from session/hard drive


      I want to save hard drive space. I have several session of 40gb each. I am new to video editing and realize the way to work is to trim the 4gb files so that I only have the needed footage on the drive, deleting the prerolls and extras from my drive. BUT, I dont know how to do this in Premiere Pro CS6. Is this task better done before I create a project?


      So what is the best workflow?


      Workflow A


      1. Insert SD Media to Computer and edit using MPEG Streamclip or Quicktime(trimming)

      2. Export clips into Session/Scene based folders on main footage hard drive

      3. delete source files from SD media - large files never get saced to hard drive


      If this is best, what export settings are best for Premiere Pro CS6.

      Can this task be as easily done in CS6?


      Workflow B


      1. Insert SD card into computer and open clips in Premiere Pro CS6

      2. Add Scenes/Sessoins into a Sequence and use in/out points to drop clips/subclips into the project(per scene)

      3. export them to hard drive and delete session footage.


      Id this is best, how do you export from Premiere Pro CS6 so that the clips in the sequence are now referenced, the audio and video are stored where I can access them/labeled and I can trash the source footage.


      I hope this makes sense. I want to trim away the wwasted footage and drive space. My 250GB drive is almost full and only 20-30GB is useufl footage. I need a workflow to reduce the file sizes.


      For the current footage  I have the resolution of the export doesnt matter, no one will see them but me. Rehearsal footage. I need the audio and video to stay linked(is that what rendering does?)