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    Installing Flash Player on to Windows 7 PC


      Am I the only person who can't install this BS. I  mean really. WTF? What I want to do is go to bed. I need to install this software, but it keeps telling me to close IE before it can do anything. The program starts downloading and at exactly 50% it stops and tells me to close IE. How the hell do you close a program that isn't open. I have the Flash Player 11 Active X on my programs, and I can't uninstall that because it wants me to close IE first. --- IE is not open. I changed my security settings, but that does not work either. Does any one know WTF to do? When I go a site that uses Flash Player it demands that I install it, but I already have Flash Player 11 Active X installed and none of the sites recognize my computers Flash Player Active X - WTF is Flash Player Active X anyway?