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    Creating a Poster


      I am trying to create a large poster with many different images/photos around the border, in the centre is the fixture list for my local junior football league. Is there an easy way to do this within elements or do I need other software?

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          18qwer Level 3

          Yes you can certainly do this in PSE Editor. Under Create menu choose Photo Collage. And for the Fixtures you can go to Advanced mode and use Text tool to write the same.


          Alternatively you can just go in Expert mode, create a blank document of the size of the poster. Then go to Graphics tab, and use various Backgrounds, Frames and Graphics available, and use text tool to write the fixtures.



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            marktmccabe Level 1

            Hi Rahul,


            Thanks for you response.


            The only problem is when I try your first option, I cant alter the paper size and the second option I cant import my existing photos and insert them onto the poster canvas, any ideas??


            kind Regards



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              18qwer Level 3

              Hi Mark,


              To place your images on the poster, insert a frame on the blank image. To do that, go to the Graphics panel (Window>Grpahics), and choose Frames from the dropdown. Double click on the frame of your choice. It will place the frame in the center.


              Now to insert image into that, click inside the frame. It will open a dialog box. navigate to your file, and select it. You can choose to adjust zoom level inside the frame. you can also resize the frame, and add multiple frames to add your images.