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    where can i get the GL2DW


      it is an addon for Golive to export to dreamweaver. It is not on my Golive CD

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          If it's not on your GoLive CD, it probably means it doesn't work with your version of GoLive. You can find more information about GoLive conversion (and the problems involved) in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3576191.

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            VL Branko Level 2

            I seriously doubt that it would be on any GoLive CD except possibly the last version GoLive 9. The last version of GL that I bought was part of CS2, that was before Adobe bought Macromedia so why would Adobe put a conversion extension to allow people to migrate to a then competing program? If I recal correctly the extension actually came with CS3 when DW was adopted and GL let go. My sites were made with versions of GL from ver 4 to CS2 none came with the GL2DW extension.

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              VL Branko Level 2

              You can get an improved version of the extension at http://www.bigbangextensions.com/kb/162 this is especially useful if you used MenuMagic.


              The following is some advice I gave to another converter back in Jan 2011:



              I am currently doing the same thing after holding off for 4 years. This is what I have found out the hard way:


              Strip out as much GL stuff as possible, especially GL "Actions" BEFORE you migrate as they will be flatten on your page making it a mess to dicipher later. Better to just add the equivalent DW "Behavior" manually, you will be glad you did as it will leave you with simpler streamlined pages that are easier to understand and also easier for Google to search. And you will also learn DW.


              If you are using a template(s) I would seriously suggest that you scrap your GL templates and make new DW templates and apply them to each page over again.


              This is the ugly reason that I found out last night. If you ever change  your GL created template while in DW (for example to add the location of the SpryAssets) then along with the desired change you will also have the unpleasant experience of all your page titles being changed to the name of the GL created Template page. This will happen even if you make the title tag editable DW style. However any pages retitled  AFTER you make  <title> editable will NOT be altered if you change the GL created template. This I found out the hard way.


              So since I was planning to make a DW template and apply it to all pages on the site anyway I have decided to do the following. Detach all the pages from the GL created template. Make whatever changes I want to individual pages. Then make the DW template and apply it to all pages. My hope is that it will preserve the page <title> and save me some work. I have not tried this so I don't know if it will work or not, but in theory it should.


              If you use components then make a "Library" folder in the site root folder and move all your components there and change the extension to ".lbi"; the reason I did this is because while the GL2DW migration moved my templates to the root and renamed them accordingly, it didn't do the same for components.


              If you use MenuMachine then I would also suggest that you strip it out. I tried keeping it but regreted it and so went back stripped it out and migrated again. All in all I have already migrated the same site about 7 times and will have to do it agian to take out some GL Actions that I missed before. So don't delete you GL site till you have your DW site going like you want because you may have to make several migration attempts before you get it right.


              Here is another very useful resource for making the conversion http://www.astonisher.com/archives/ripvanwinkle4.html#15000


              In the end after I had something up and running that could be managed from DW I  decided to do the site over again in DW as there were so many artifacts left over from the conversion process that kept gumming things up. Depending on your situation and the complexity of your site(s) you may want to do the same.