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    Synchronize a colour between Illustrator and QuarkXPress

    John Smith for example Level 1

      Situation: A graphic is created in Illustrator CS6. The graphic is monochrome (one CMYK colour). The graphic is placed as EPS in a QuarkXPress 9 document. In that document, some native XPress elements (e.g. lines, coloured text) shall match the colour of the Illustrator graphic.


      Now the problem: This is a newsletter which is issued periodically. In each issue, that special colour will be different.


      Question: Is there a possibility to define this colour in Illustrator and in XPress in a way that when its CMYK values are redefined in XPress, that new definition will also be applied to the placed Illustrator graphic, without having to open and change the graphic file manually? (The idea is that the end user will work only in XPress and doesn't have to touch Illustrator. Actually, he doesn't even have Illustrator.)


      (PS: Yes, I'll ask the same question in an Quark forum, too.)