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    SWF canvas issues

      I am having an issue with some swfs of mine.
      When i publish they display a larger area than the swfs actual canvas (this area appear above the canvas). Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
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          Just out of curiosity....do you have objects that are placed outside of Flash's stage area? There's a known bug with developing flash animations that include objects that begin off the flash stage. The net result is basically what you're reporting here: while developing in flash, everything looks fine, but once you bring the swf into PPT, the dimensions of the swf can be much larger than anticipated. And simply resizing the swf element in powerpoint isn't going to help....

          If this is the issue you're running into, then I have good news: the fix is extrememly simple. Just use a Mask Layer in flash to basically "hide" any objects that are outside of flash's stage.

          This has been a "problem" with Breeze/Presenter going back to before version 4.0.

          Hope that helps!

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            ErikaStowe Level 1
            Thanks Rob - i wish this was the issue.

            I have come accross that issue once before - but this time i have no objects outside the canvas and just to make sure i even put a mask on. I still get the same issue - its really strange. Its like it expands to show some of the canvas colour in the flash file. What is weird is that some of my flash files do this and others dont...

            I think you are right in that it is most probably a powerpoint/ presenter issue - but cannot see how to fix.

            Anyone else had this strange issue?
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              robva65 Level 2
              Erika, let me ask you this:

              When you insert the swf on your slide, is it just that the overall size of the flash object is larger than originally designed in flash? Meaning....that if you created a 200 x 200 animation, it "inexplicably" resized itself to something much larger than that?

              If so, have you tried looking at the swf's dimesions using the Visual Basic Editor? The reason why I ask is because from time to time, when I've dropped a swf on a slide, I've noticed that for some strange reason, the swf ends up a bit larger than what I designed in flash. I've been able to overcome the problem by using the VB Editor.

              You should be able to double click the swf object on the slide....this in turn should open up the VB Editor, or you could right click the flash file on the slide and from the menu that appears, select "properties". Another dialog box will appear, and what you need to look for from there is the width and height parameters. Check to see that the dimensions haven't been messed with...if so, reset the dimensions (you may need to hit your Enter key to accept your changes), then close down the Editor panel and your swf should have resized accordingly.

              Please let me know if that helps....and I apologize for not "hearing" your question right the first time!

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                ErikaStowe Level 1
                It fixed the problem!
                Thankyou so much - you are a savour!
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                  robva65 Level 2

                  Glad that worked out!