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    how to achieve "elegant" walking from a looped footage?

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      i have a looping footage (63 frames) of a walking chicken. The chicken in the footage is making 2 full steps, moving from the right to the left, and then the loop begins again from the start.


      as you may imagine, when the loop comes back to the starting point (1st frame), the chicken suddenly jolts back to the right, to its starting point - as i mentioned, the chicken is walking from the right to the left.


      my purpose is to make this chicken to walk across the whole screen from the right to the left, i.e. to cover a considerably bigger distance then 2 steps. if it's still unclear what i'm trying to do, refer to the first 5 seconds of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV_k6N54IrU


      i kind of managed to achieve my purpose by duplicating the footage and then placing each separate footage layers at different time points and also changing position of each layer. but its really hard to achieve smooth walk, the chicken is limping and jerking along the way. i have to place each separate layer at very exact position but i have no reference point - i have to track the chicken visualy and memorize his last position on the screen as good as i can and then place the other layer at that point.


      anyway, that limping chicken is quite funny looking and if there are no other means to fix it then i can kind of live with this. let me know if there is some trick to achieve normal, smooth walking.


      btw i tried to animate chicken's still image with Puppet Tool, but the results were horrible


      chicken ae.jpg