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    PDF's will not print images when exported by CS6 InDesign


      I have moved over to the Creative Cloud CS6 from CS4 & CS5. But I have noticed when I print PDF's I exported form CS6's InDesign, images are distorted. The rest of the PDF is fine, but not the images. It will only print if I print from InDesign. Others also get the same result when printing these PDFs, and they do not have Creative Suites. Another person here is having the exact same problem as I am.


      I tested by printing a CS4 file, "saving as" and opening in CS5 file, "saving as" and opening in CS6. The CS4 & 5 exported PDFs are fine, but the same file opened and saved in CS6 is distorted.


      I have tried this on all interal Color & B/W printers and am getting this, but outside Print Vendors have no problem.


      Does anyone have any idea?