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    InDesign CS5.5 (v. 7.5.3) crashes on Brochure Printing and PDF-Export with crop marks.


      Hi there,



      My Setup is:

      Late 2012 Mac Book Pro (got it one month ago)

      Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

      InDesign CS 5.5 (updated to v. 7.5.3)


      My Problem:

      InDesign crashes when i start Brochure printing

      InDesign crashes when i add crop marks to an document in PDF-Export and try to export it

      InDesign crashes when i add crop marks in Printing


      This happens also when i set up a new document with just a black square in it.

      Normal PDF-Export and Printing works.



      I tried:

      Trashed Preferences

      Reinstalled InDesign and Acrobat

      Deactivated Background Printing



      I had this Bug on my old Laptop, Apparently, it got copied over to my new machine when i was migrating my data with the migration assistant from my old computer.

      I assume its the PDF / Printer plugin / the software connection to mac os to print stuff or some file is wrong in the Library.


      Also, i am missing the pdf printer driver in the printing menu.


      Any ideas how i can get this working again?