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    Authenticate eReader


      I borrowed some books from the library & am trying to load them onto my Kobo. It keeps saying it cannot authenticate my eReader. Can anyone help me with this??  I've tried the steps suggested & nothing has worked so far, please help!!

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          It would help if you clarified which steps suggested you have tried.  Also, is it a Kobo eReader or a tablet?


          If it is an eReader,

          1. Make sure ADE is authorized with an explicit Adobe ID, not with the 'do not register this device at this time' semi-registration.
          2. If it isn't, deauthorize ADE using ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D on Mac), restart ADE, and authorize ADE with your Adobe ID.
            Actually, this step can be worth trying even of you think ADE is authorized, as ADE sometimes gets it's authorizations confused.
          3. Deauthorize the Kobo  using ctrl-shift-E to ADE (cmd-shift-E on Mac) with the Kobo plugged in on USB, restart ADE, and authorize the Kobo with your Adobe ID.


          If none of that helps, look at the contents of the Kobo using a file manager (such as Windows Explorer) with hidden files and folders visible and delete the '.adobe-digital-editions' directory on the Kobo.