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    Noel, thanks for perservering

    Curt Y Level 7

      For those that are realatively new, a few thoughs about Noel.  I remember a few years back when he first arrived on the forums.  Noel, John Joslin, and Zeno Bokor had some heated discussions on certain topics like color management.  As I remember it Zeno asked John "how come you are putting up with Noel's crap".  John's comment was "he is just a flash in the pan and will be gone soon". 


      Well, here we are 6? years latter and John's great knowledge has really moved to "the cloud", and Zeno rarely shows up here.  So thanks Noel for staying with the forum.  You add a great deal of information to the site, and are really consistant at providing good answers day in and day out.  In addition, you have mellowed, and now sometimes try to act as a peace maker to others that get carried away with beating a dead horse.