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    Exclude words in search


      I am using CF9 on a virtual server so I have control over the stopwords.txt file.


      I presumed it would be as simple as adding my own words to the file, but it didn't go that smoothly.

      I search the CF folder and it found 5 files named stopwords.txt.


      Here is where they were found:







      I tried editing the first 3 (since the bottom 2 said example, I didn't edit those).  I restarted the ColdFusion 9 Search Server and ColdFusion 9 Solr Service then rebuilt the indexes.


      The search still found the word I added.


      Advice on how to exclude words would be appreciated.  If it could be done through a database table that I could create and give supervisor staff access to that would be even better than having to edit a server file, restart services and rebuild indexes.


      Thank you