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    Save/Undo disabled with Bamboo tablet


      Ever since I started using my Bamboo Create pen tablet, I have had a problem with my InDesign (CS6). Every so often, and without warning, I am suddenly unable to Save, Save As, or Undo. The only thing I can do to save my work is to export as an .idml and then close without saving. I cannot re-create the error on my own and it definitely hampers my workflow. The tablet works great with the rest of the CS6 suite.


      I am running ID CS6 on a Quad-Core Intel Xeon with OSX v10.6.8.


      I have reset my InDesign Preferences and reinstalled the tablet driver. I've also tried an older version of the driver. It doesn't happen as often now that I'm using the older version and having reset my preferences, but it still is happening occasionally.


      Does anyone else have a suggestion?


      This was the response I got from Wacom:

      The problem you’re having is with your InDesign program not your tablet.

      Please contact adobe technical support for further assistance with your program.