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    Rotate then Crop fails: Preserve Quality? How?

    Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1

      Please help me minimalize the damage!


      My wife helps me film however over the weekend she did not have much success keeping the tripod straight and level which I only discovered after we were finished recording. We shoot a fair distance away from the stage so any deviation greater than 1 degree from being perfectly level is very noticeable when fixed in post.


      My goal is to not to sacrifice resolution, sharpness or pixel density in the process of attempting to correct the affected clips orientation, retain its' 16:9 ratio & continue to fill the frame with the original image.


      Rotation generally requires scaling/stretching the image to fill the black space/triangles that result which impacts visual quality at least to my eye.


      I'd rather have a small black border around the entire frame then lose yet more detail.


      Apparently cropping doesn't work as needed with rotation. The triangles/black space/gaps created by rotating the video still remain after the crop.


      What can be done to create a black border as stated above without having to zoom in on the footage?


      Are there any options?


      I'd welcome a solution!


      Thanks in advance.