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    Old Version Attempts Reinstall After New Version Installed


      Adobe updates are downloaded through SCUP and added to WSUS, and ultimately, Configuration Manager 2007 R3's software update point. All works beautifully. 


      That is, until we deployed Flash Player 11.6.602.168.  The deployment went smoothly to all 18K computers, and we thought all was well.  However, once we successfully deployed the most current version (11.6.602.180), the older version (x.x.x.168) re-appeared through Windows Update for installation.  Because x.x.x.168 is no longer the current version, it no longer applies, and Windows and/or Configuration manager should detect this.


      I am curious about two things:


      1) Has anyone else had this problem?

      2) If so, is there a fix (I'm assuming the problem is in the installable/applicability rules that Adobe shipped with the x.x.x.168 update).