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    How do I simulate spiral notebook rings using InDesign?




      I am still new to InDesign, and I am revising a software manual to make it look better. It will be viewed on screen as a pdf, and I have a few questions about design.


      1. I want to have spiral notebook rings on the left margin of each page. I do not want lined paper, just the rings. How do I do this? I have the entire Creative Suite if I need to use a different program.


      2. How do I put a watermark on the page?


      3. How do I create a symbol or icon to put at the top of each page? I'm thinking that I want a four-leaf clover or a star on each page, and include the page number in each one. Please tell me how to do this, and if I need to use a different software in the Creative Suite.


      Thanks for your help!