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    How to open your Photoshop Touch project file in Photoshop

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      How to open your Photoshop Touch project file in Photoshop




      When your files are stored in the Creative Cloud, you can access them on your mobile device using Adobe Photoshop Touch, or on your desktop computer using Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop Touch can open files in the following formats: PSD*, PSDX, PNG, JPG, and GIF. And, with a free plug-in for Photoshop CS5, CS5.1, and CS6 you can open the PSDX files created by Photoshop Touch in Photoshop.



      [Note: PSD files can only be opened via the Adobe Creative Cloud. The file is converted,  layers are flattened to a single layer, and  other info that is only supported in Photoshop is removed.]



      Download the plug-in (if you have CS6, skip this section)


      1. If you have CS5 and CS5.1, you are required to download a plug-in to be able to open your PSDX files in Photoshop. If you have CS6, you are not required to download the plug-in (it is native within the version). In a browser on your desktop computer, navigate to the Creative Cloud Homepage ( https://creative.adobe.com ). Sign-in to Creative Cloud using your Adobe ID, then navigate to the Creative Cloud Apps & Services page (https://creative.adobe.com/apps).





      2. Click download under “Touch App Plug-ins” to start the download and install process. Included with the installer is a plug-in for Illustrator CS6, which enables opening of Ideas files (.idea) in Illustrator, and a plug-in for Photoshop CS5 and 5.1, which enables opening of Photoshop Touch files (.psdx) in Photoshop.




      3. You will be asked (if you haven't already) to install the Adobe Application Manager. Follow the steps to install the manager, and the Touch App Plugin should begin the download and installation process. If it does not, click install next to the “Touch App Plugins” icon in the Adobe Application Manager to start the process.




      4. You're all set to start opening your PS Touch files in Photoshop CS6.


      To save a Photoshop Touch file for upload to the cloud.


      1. Launch Photoshop Touch and ensure that you are in the organizer view. (Tap Done in the upper-left corner of the screen to move from edit view to the organizer view.)





      2. Tap to display the share menu.




      3. Select the file(s) to upload




      4. Select the file format to upload to the cloud. Then tap OK.





      5. Once you save the file format, you have a choice to e-mail the file as a attachment, or save a copy. By pressing cancel, it still can be uploaded to the cloud.




      Uploading PS Touch files to the cloud.


      1. Tap the settings button in the top right corner.  Then tap My Account.




      2. Tap Sign in. Sign in with your Adobe ID. To obtain an Adobe ID, go to : https://www.adobe.com/account/sign-in.adobedotcom.html. Once you are signed in, the total storage available in your Creative Cloud is displayed.




      Sync your Photoshop Touch files to the Creative Cloud.


      1. Tap the Creative Cloud icon. Make sure the Sync files toggle is switched to the on position.



      2. When Creative Cloud sync is turned on, you can see your files being synced to your Creative Cloud account.



      Open a Photoshop Touch file in Photoshop


      1. On your desktop computer, launch a browser and navigate to the Creative Cloud website. When you are signed in, navigate to your Photoshop Touch file. Click to select the file.



      2. Tap the download button in the top right corner.




      3. When the download dialog button pops up, select PSD. Once the file has been downloaded, you can open in Photoshop (CS5, CS5.1, CS6) on your desktop.




      4. When the file is opened in Photoshop, it displays its layers (Note: that if the file is dragged and dropped, and NOT downloaded, it will not display the layers).