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    Workflow data transfer from one process to another process

    Naveeth_J Level 1

      We recently upgraded to CQ 5.6, and the data sharing between workflow process is not working properly, it was working fine with 5.4 version. Please check the snippet below


      workItem.getWorkflowData().getMetaDataMap().put("test", "data transfer between processes");

      doesn't seems to get populated.


      Digging deep into it, we found that the implementation has been changed with a wrapper CQWorkflowDataWrapper, which returns newly instantiated map each time

      public MetaDataMap getMetaDataMap()


              return new CQMetaDataMap(graniteData.getMetaDataMap());



      With CQ 5.4, we get the following


      String test =workItem.getWorkflowData().getMetaDataMap().get("test");


      However, in CQ 5.6, the String test value is null...as the map was not populated.


      Is there any other way to pass the desired result(any object) from one process to other process?