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    Table header row gets clipped from view when text frame is resized

    Christopher Panny Level 1

      I'm designing a table that has a header row, 6 body rows and 5 columns. I want the header to be skewed at 20º and the type to rotate counter clockwise at the same angle. Anyone who's worked with tables, knows it's not possible to rotate the text to this value via the Cell settings, but the work around is to split the table into two text frames. The lower frame will have the body rows, but the top frame should only have the header where it gets skewed at the specified angle. The text has to be created in separate frames and then cut/paste into each header column and then it can be rotated.


      The problem I'm having is when I try to drag the bottom of the text frame upward so only the header remains viewable, the header gets clipped from view. The only way to keep it from getting clipped is I have to leave the first row in the frame but then it gets skewed which is not what I want. It seems the text frame doesn't know the header even exists. The screen shot below has two tables. The top version is the one i want to apply the effect to. The bottom has the effect, but its top row is a body row (not a header).