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    Interpreting Frame Rate issues


      Hey guys, got a tough one here:


      I'm rendering Toonboom animations to Quicktime Mov Files at 24fps - although when i import them into Premiere CS6 it will only 50% of the time recognise the correct frame rate - the other times it will choose a random frame rate ( like 4.8, 6 or 12fps ) and in turn lose the footage between the frames - such as if it is running at 6 fps it will only display 6 of the 24 frames per second and play it in realtime but missing the majority of the frames


      When going to Modify and trying to interpret the footage back to 24fps it simply speeds up the 6 fps to 24 so it then plays at a collosal speed and if i slow the footage back down in the speed duration menu it goes back to the 6fps or whatever it was before


      Every other program ( Media Player, Sony Vegas Pro ) recognise these files as 24fps - how can i get premiere to do the same?