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    Unable to complete installation...

    Eleanor K

      I have tried to install Flash Player with no success.  I am running a Windws 7, Internet Explorer 10, 32/64 bit systerm. When the program gets to about 50% installed, it tells me to turn off the Internet Explorer even though it is not turned on.  I have tried several  times using the 64bit and the 32bit IE - no success.  I used to have the Flash player and my Secunia says I DO hve it but it does not open when I try to open an American Greetings card.


      Please help....


      Eleanor K

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee

          You need to close Internet Explorer for installation to continue.

          If it doesn't, please press Control , Alt , and Delete keys together. Select Task Manager and go to the Process tab.

          See if you have any process of Internet Explorer. If you see, select it and click End Process.


          Also, go to the following page and let us know if you see the animation. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html





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            Eleanor K Level 1

            I followed the instructions to delete processes and was able to

                    get the files installed.  However, it still does not recognize

                    it as I again tried to open an e-card from American Greetings

                    and it tells me I need to install it.


                    In checking what I have (deleting the cache, etc) I read I do

                    nothave the "plug-in" version.  Do I need that?


                    Another 'symptom' that might interest you, I have to copy the

                    link shortcut on the Internet Explorer most times rather than

                    just click the link and get results.


                    So, I still can't access the program when needed.



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              pwillener Level 8

              For Internet Explorer check


              You don't need the plugin if you only use Internet Explorer; the plugin is for other browsers like Firefox.

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                Eleanor K Level 1

                Thanks - I did finally get to see the Easter card; however3r, I

                        could not close the page.  The "x" did not work, in fact it's

                        still open as I have not engaged the task manager.  I am using

                        IE 10 which came to me as aWindows Update.  And, I would not

                        allow Google Chrome to download with the Flash Player.  I think

                        there are gremlins.  But, thanks to the info about the "gear" as

                        I can access that easily.  I may find it to my advantage to go

                        back to IE 9 r 8.  It gets to be a bother to not be able to

                        click links and "go."  Time will tell.  Thanks again!