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    Banner in iframe redirects and disables back button


      I have a website banner made in edge with links to other pages of the site. The banner itself is within an iframe (Generally I avoid iframes but I had no option with this one). If you click a link, it will take you to the right page. However if you click the browser's back button, the original page begins to load but quickly redirects you forward again, thus virtually removing the back buttons functionality. However if I click "back" a second time, it works.


      Has anyone had this problem before?


      Another peculiar thing is that when the page loads, the contents of the page that I am navigating to start to load within the iframe before it redirects. I tried adding "_parent" as a target attribute to all my links but the problem remains. Any suggestions? Does edge automatically detect iframe usage and assign link targets to the _parent frame with jQuery?

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          I ran across this question looking for the same answer in a slightly different context.


          I had the same problem, that a link clicked inside of an iFrame would navigate correctly, but when the back button was clicked, the page would go back, then immediately redirect to the page I was previously on.


          I ended up using "_top" as the target value in my anchor and that fixed the problem. I'm thinking it's because an iFrame has its own pseudo-document structure that this problem occurs, and telling the anchor to target the top-level window object resolves it.