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    Two Drive Raid 0 vs.  Two Drives for Media

    Kens10 Level 1

      I understand that for scratch disks you want the fastest and largest drive, so raid 0 would probably be great for a scratch disc. 


      How about two media disks at 7200rpm rather than raid 0 of the same two drives?  Two things to consider reliability and speed.   The idea is to duplicate the footage to both drives and import both as separate bins into premiere and on the timeline go back and forth between the two drive to not stress a single drive.  Is this a good possibility or better to put them into raid 0.  


      Lets look at these possibilities:


      1.     2 sata drives in raid 0 (for media, including audio/music and  animations/motion graphics)

      2.     2 sata drives in raid 0,  and a 3rd drive for audio and motion graphics.

      3.     2 sata drives for media (no raid), a  3rd for audio and motion graphics