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    TCS4 + CS5.5 + *3* machines + Activation/Deactivation - Question Jumble

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      I apologize in advance if this seems convoluted -- I have *tried* to make sure I'm saying only what needs to be said :-) Any help would be appreciated. [Note: I *did* try to 'chat' with a representative, but didn't even get through the deactivation question before they got stuck in scripted answer limbo.]



      On machine #1, I had previously installed TCS2.5 and CS5.5 (Design Standard). Thus I Acrobat X Pro (amongst many other apps, including Acrobat 9 Pro Extended) available.


      I recently installed TCS4 on machine #1 (which includes Acrobat XI Pro), but Acrobat X Pro and Acrobat 9 Pro are no longer available (error message: action is only valid for products that are currently installed).


      I also installed TCS4 on machine #2.


      I now need to use TCS4 on machine #3 (and machine #2). I can live without it on machine #1 for the time being, but would like to be able to use it again later.



      • I need to deactivate TCS4 on machine #1 and activate it on machine #3. According to a page in the adobe help, I should be able to do this *without* removing the software from machine #1.
        Question: Is that correct?
        Question: Is there a time limit within which I have to reactivate, or am I good anytime?
        Question: Is there a limit to the number of times I can deactivate and reactivate the software, and/or a minimum period between deactivation and reactivation?
      • When I deactivate TCS4 on machine #1, I will no longer have Acrobat available.
        Question: Can I *reinstall* Acrobat 9 Pro (from the TCS2.5 install) or Acrobat X Pro (from the CS5.5 install)?
        Question: Will installing this older version of Acrobat interfere with the Acrobat XI Pro that is already installed (which I will want to be able to use again later)?


      In a nutshell, I'm doing this because I need to keep confidential client information on machines #2 and #3 (cannot share the information on the same machine). They are the main clients for the TCS software. But, I will also need to use the TCS software, on occasion, for other clients using machine #1 (again, cannot share info on common machines). So... I need to be able to turn off the software on one machine and turn it back on on the other. (As you can infer, the issue of Acrobat versions (and other adobe software) applies to each machine -- I want to be able to keep two machines running current software, and have the third running my licensed extra copy of Acrobat.)


      Thanks all :-)