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    Web App Search Form


      Is it possible to search two (2) custom fields with one form field?


      Think Prosecuting Attorney and Defense Attorney - We believe that users of our site may not remember which side they were on, but that a particular attorney was involved in a case. So I don't want them to have to specify prosecution or defense... but just a name search that will search those custom fields.


      Am I making sense? Is this possible?

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          mebellew Level 1

          I need to do a similar thing, that is use one field to search multiple webapp fields but BC is ANDing the search - searching is trying to match the search term against keywords AND city AND county AND postcode) whereas I want it to return results if the search term is matched as a keyword OR in city OR county OR postcode.

          Did you ever find a solution to it or does anyone know if it can be/how it can be achieved?

          Regards, Mark