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    Pen tool/shape (vector) versus raster based approach for editability?

    ItsGregHere Level 1


      * Wanting to draw ground level in various scenes for a sliding type game

      * So wanting to draw a ground level that goes up and down with mountains, hills, cliffs etc, but need to look better than to be by hand

      * Want to fill under this ground level with a pattern

      * I'm trying to use a Pen Tool to create a Shape, and have the shape filled with the pattern, however i'm finding it a bit fiddly when you want to come back and adjust it a bit.   I'm wondering if it may not just be easier to do on a non-vector based approach.  Perhaps a layer where you fill the whole layer with the pattern, and then have a mask where you define the ground line (and anything under this sees the pattern).


      Quesiton - What do you find the easiest approach to doing this?  Where you can come back and make touch ups etc easily.  I can't quite see how it can be easy to adjust the ground level easily in the case you were using a pen tool based vector area.