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    Arrow and circle edge line from Freehand doesn't scale

    Envirographics Level 1


      I have an arrow made up of a triangle and line created in Macromedia/Adobe Freehand and imported into Flash CS5, if I select it and use transform palette and enter e.g. 35% the arrow head reduces but the line thickness doesnt, though length does.


      If I bring in a circle e.g. 7mm diameter with line weight 0.6mm then use transform the circle reduces but the line weight doesnt, so consequently the border is too thick.


      I am having to ensure all graphics are at final size before import. If I see something simple I need to add it means creating and scaling it in Freehand then importing, very long winded.


      Can I draw a line with arrow in Flash and have it create an arrow head as does freehand if you draw a line and choose arrow option and pick an arrow style, for trying to draw an arrow head every time I need one is tricky, there are no drawing aids as in Freehand like guidelines, rulers etc. I do all my drawing in Freehand as its 1000% easier ! Also the maps I am importing are existing in Freehand anyway so supporting graphics are best related to them there as well.


      I have tried grouping then scaling but it makes no difference.