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    Premiere Pro CS3 -"Recording audio is not possible"?


      I am reinstalling Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on a new computer but get the message "The currently installed soundcard driver does not support DirectSound Input. Recording audio is not possible". I have noted comments on similar sound problems elsewhere but have not seen anything that seems to solve this problem. Is the problem related to the change in windows environments from Vista to Windows 7 (on Dell i7 Alienware) or do I need to buy another Sound Card or is it Premiere Pro CS3 where the problem lies? With thanks, eirrom.

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          Yes, quite likely a compatibility issue. CS3 used an older compatibility model, which long has been surpassed by newer versions of DX. However, it still should be backward compatible, so any issues you may have may depend on requiriung a specific driver, installing the full legacy load of DirectX or as a minor, changing some permissions on teh system to allow loading of unsigned legacy drivers and/or compatibility modes. It's a more complex problem than just flipping a switch eitrher way. Check your device manager and then work your way through...



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                 Thank you very much for your interest. Not sure what any of that

            means but I will follow-up with local computer technicians. All I

            want to do is record videos! I was sure someone else must have worked

            out what driver was required. Anyway, will track it down following

            your advice.


                 Thanks again


                 John morris