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    ^ "replace with clip - from source monitor, match frame" once worked, now doesn't...!


      I have CS5 and I'm working with split screen templates.   In the future I might want to do differently but I edited everything I needed...now I need to place the edited clips in split screen templates. The templates each have their own sequence...it was made so that you can place elements from the project panel to the split screen template using "click/alt" to replace the footage.   I tried to "replace with clip - from source monitor, match frame". It worked at first just as alt/click would to replace footage but all of the sudden stopped working - that's now a grayed out option.  I have my source monitor clip selected...don't know what is going on to make it grayed out. I tried copy/paste the clip into the split screen template sequence but the option is still grayed out.  The only option that isn't grayed out is replace with clip/from bin.   1)  why is this? any solutions to get it working again?   2)  are there any other options to replace footage other than exporting the clips, importing into project, and then alt/clicking to replace footage?  I'd massively appreciate any insight you could give on this. Let me know as soon as you can.