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    Change styles for ebook/print

    Matthew Amster-Burton

      I have my book pasted up in InDesign, and I can easily output to PDF or EPUB from the book window. Great. However, I'd like different styles to apply to each format. For example, I want a different first-line paragraph indent level for PDF than for EPUB, different fonts, etc.


      I can think of several ways to address this problem, but none of them seems quite right:


      1. Maintain two copies of the style source, with different styles defined in each. Swap it into the Book and out and synchronize as necessary.


      2. Maintain two separate documents only for their styles, and use the Load Styles command to load styles into the style source when I want to switch formats.


      3. Maintain a separate stylesheet for the EPUB that I apply after export. I'm afraid it might get out of sync with the book, though (if I define a new style in the book, I'll have to make sure that style appears in the CSS).


      4. Scripting: Write a script to go through and modify the styles, either of the Book's style source or the EPUB's CSS.


      How would you handle this? Is there a built-in feature to address what I'm trying to do, and I just don't know about it?


      Indesign CS6.0.1, OS X 10.8.3.


      Thanks very much,