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    Elements 11 Organizer Keyword Tag Questions


      Q1: Is it possible to have referentially equivalent tags?

                e.g. Film.Producer.Disney.ClassicMovie = Film.Movie.ClassicMovie.

                If so would Film contain multiple copies of pitueres tagged ClassicMovie?


      Q2: Is it possible to have implicit subset tags?

                e.g. Military.Vehicle subset of ManMade.Vehicle     where both Military & ManMade are top level categories.


      Q3: Is it possible after tagging, to have Elements 11 reorganise your pictures and directory like iTunes does? (cause mine are an absolute mess).


      Q4: If these aren't possible with Elements 11, is there any other product, adobe or otherwise that will do these?


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          dj_paige Level 10

          Q1: I don't think so

          Q2: I don't think so

          Q3: you seem to have misunderstood the purpose of adding tags in PSE; the purpose is to give you a different method of organizing, thus allowing you to access and use your photos without you having to know what folder the photo is in; once you have done your tagging, you no longer need any specific form of organized folder structure to access your photos. So, PSE does not have the capability of reorganizing your folders in this manner.

          Q4: I don't know, but I am guessing there really isn't a photographic application that does these things (because in all my readings of these and other forums, I have never seen a request or question about features like this); I would think you'd need some custom database