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    rotate view drifts over


      I recently upgraded to cs6, and now when I use the rotate view tool the center of rotation drifts down and to the right as I rotate. It continues to drift until it reaches the bottom and then it jumps to the top and continues down again. This is really affecting my ability to rotate quickly and accurately.


      Has anyone else encountered something like this?

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          atomicmachine Community Member

          One quick update, it appears that the degree of rotation is still measured based on my position relative to the center of the window even though the point that the image is spinning around is moving away.


          Naturally this only makes it harder to use. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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            Brett N Adobe Employee

            Definitely have never heard of anything like this.


            What video card do you use? Do have the latest drivers installed?


            What input device do you use? Mouse, trackball, tablet? Latest drivers? Tried a different device?

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              Noel Carboni Community Member

              I've seen it happen once, a long time ago.


              I believe I thought at the time it might be the fault of the ATI display driver.  You don't happen to have a PC with an ATI video card do you?



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                atomicmachine Community Member

                I'm using an AMD Firepro V5900, so it could be an ATI driver problem. I recently installed the latest drivers so I might try rolling it back a little.


                It seems to happen regardless of input device (cintiq 24HD, logitech mouse)


                Meanwhile I still have cs5 installed and can confirm that this does not happen in that version so I feel like the problem is somehow linked to cs6