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    How do I paste formatted text into text frames on master pages?

    Lars Bo Zhou Yi

      Dear Forum.

      I have started a 200 pages document the wrong way, and need a tip how to fix the damage. Silly me :


      I had not prepared the master pages with text frames but just placed the text in reflowing frames in the document.

      Now it is of course difficult to resize frames and pages and I would like to add text frames to my master pages.

      But no matter what, the original text frames follow along, I can't get rid of them. They just stay on top of everything.


      So, could anyone please tell me how to cut the text from my document and past it into the textframes on the master pages and make them flow nicely through the document (which has the same margins etc.)?




      P.S. I can't start all over because lots of corrections have been done already.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You don't need frames on the master pages (and I usually find them a hindrance rather than a help, myself).


          You can use Layout Adjustment to resize the frames to new margins/page sizes, but you have to do a little work first. Before making any other changes, make sure you adjust the margins on the master pages to fit the current size of the text frames. Layout adjustment works by resizing things that are snapped to guides, so the text frames should fill the margin guides.


          Next you need to turn on Layout Adjustment. Prior to CS6 this was in the Layout menu, but in CS6 it's well hidden in the flyout menu of the Liquid Layout panel (Layout > Liquid Layout...). Once Layout Adjustment is enabled you can resize your pages (in document setup) or adjust the margins (on the master pages) and the text frames that are snapped to the margin guides will resize and the text will reflow.